Unknowing your finances is the enemy


It seems that some people do not recognize that dispite some unpleasant aftereffects, bankruptcy is truly a “fresh start.”

Instead of being satisfied with the benefits they receive some people remain unhappy.

Here is a letter I received:

“Why does it take attorney's six or more weeks to discharge a chapter 13?

Why do apartment leasers hold a bankruptcy against you when I don't see how you could add apartment rent onto your bankruptcy?

If life is so miserable after a bankruptcy, why are lawyers constantly telling people it's okay to file. (They want to get paid.) “

My response:

“Six weeks for a discharge isn't that long and may well be governed by the schedule of the bankruptcy court.

Some landlords may not want to rent to someone with bad credit. They may feel that they will have to chase the renter for their money. Dispossessions are time consuming and expensive.

In many cases the landlord will get possession of his apartment, but may never recover the unpaid rent.

While the court proceedings drag on, the landlord has lost a part of his source of income. So he haa a right to be careful.

However life is not that bad after bankruptcy. Debtors used to be sent to jail.

Not too long ago, bankruptcy would mean that the bankrupts would have to carry a stigma for life. Many committed suicide rather than face the disgrace.

Many people who went bankrupt during the Great Depression spent years paying off their discharged debts as a matter of honor.

Now nobody much cares. You will be able to get credit. Your debts have been wiped away. What more can you ask for?

You were the one who ran up the debts, whether through bad luck, bad planning or the simple inability to control your spending.

You did contract to repay the money and you didn't.

For the most part you are now free of the pain and pressure caused by your financial problems. You will face some obstacles over the next few years, but you should have realized that before filing.

You approached a lawyer, not the other way around. I'm sure the lawyer didn't twist your arm to force you to file. If you've gotten your discharge, be happy, restart your life and live with the consequences.

Things could be worse.”

In my opinion this person needs an attitude adjustment.

One Stop_Shopping Now_Available_At_Your_Local_Bank_Branch

In today's fast-paced culture, convenience is king. Consumers are becoming less satisfied with establishments that offer only one product or service, and "one-stop shopping" venues are gaining popularity for the time and effort they can save.

The convenience trend has changed the face of many types of businesses, and financial services is no exception. In the past, customers visited local bank branches to cash checks and make deposits and were content with these limited services. Today, customers expect more from their banking relationship-they look to their local bank to help them effectively manage all of their financial activities.

Banks of all sizes-from national institutions to community banks-now offer a wide array of financial services and products, including annuities, life insurance and financial planning. Customers can obtain these services in the same convenient location where they have conducted every-day bank transactions for years.

While most banks offer some type of financial planning and investment services, the scope of these programs varies greatly from one institution to the next. Customers should carefully examine their bank's offerings and determine whether they are receiving the level of assistance they require and deserve. Many institutions claim to be committed to empowering clients, but fail to actively reach out to customers and provide the support they need.

In the U.S. retirement market, investors face a number of significant financial challenges-rising health care costs, dwindling Social Security and increased longevity mean that many people are in danger of running out of money in retirement. Furthermore, most Americans are not taking the necessary actions to ensure a secure financial future. Financial institutions should proactively engage their clients to make them aware of these risks and provide effective solutions.

More than ever, financial advisors are choosing to set up practices in bank branches and banks are recruiting experienced professionals. The expert advice and comprehensive services that today's customers demand are available in a growing number of banks. If your current financial institution doesn't provide what you're looking for, maybe it's time to find a new banking relationship that can meet all of your financial needs.

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